By learning as much as we can about our customers’ needs, desires and hopes we enhance their quality of life by building experiences that respond to their dreams for living, playing, working and shopping. No other company can match our breadth of experience, the range of our talents and the development vision of Castle & Cooke in the building industry. We have always been ahead of the industry-by designing and building communities that involve our diversified teams that specialize in residential communities, commercial projects and golf course developments. The thread that runs through all of our projects is to create unique a sense of place for our customers.

At Castle & Cooke we don’t build, sell and move on, we build for the long haul. We are the property managers of our retail projects and industrial properties, the leasing agents and maintenance teams to our office tenants and the master planner that designs and maintains the infrastructure of our homeowner communities. We are part of the fabric of these communities. We work with local planners to build schools, fire and police stations and town centers to integrate the lifestyles and daily experience of our home-owners.

Our Master Planned, Award-Winning communities are recognized by the building industry, environmental organizations, local civic leaders and most importantly the residents of a Castle & Cooke community. Our golf courses are world class being developed by renowned designers such as Jack Nicklaus and Robert Trent Jones. And our commercial projects are sited as examples of the potential of town planning that integrates communities to create what we call “a sense of place.”

In a nutshell our integrated teams come from the following divisional disciplines:

We continue to be on the leading edge of our industry by currently focusing our efforts on “sustainability,” a goal for building friendly, livable communities that retain their value and appeal long after completion. To achieve this goal we have implemented exciting new principles that are reshaping our practices.

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